Best Way To Market Business

Perhaps you had imagined your independence somewhat differently. Not that your business is a failure. But it is getting harder and harder to convince buyers.

And your impression is right.

The cost of winning a new customer has multiplied.

And the less your acquisition activities bring you, the less you earn. In this article we show effective ways to attract customers’ attention.

And to convince them that your offer is the best since sliced bread exists.

But before we do that, we’ll direct your attention to the crucial question to do just that very efficiently …

Instead of How can I make my company better known? Better ask: What is the best way to make MY company better known?

This will turn your attention to marketing activities that will benefit your business. Instead of rushing to the next ultimate tip – or a dazzling “Bright-Shiny object” that solves all the problems.

As much as I wish … you know it doesn’t exist.

Many of the strategies mentioned have little to do with effective advertising at first glance. But they are the basis for your strategies to reach the right people.

This article is long, which is why we have put a table of contents in front of it. You can turn it on and off and jump to a point that interests you most.

Your offer or: What do your customers want?

If you want customers to be interested in your advice, coaching or training, you need to answer these people’s questions. If you don’t, you will lose prospective customers.

But even more problematic is this point: Many solo entrepreneurs have a service or a product. And no idea WHAT problem solves this thing or what goals a buyer wants to achieve with it.

You get stuck with the description of your offer or your procedure. The consequence?

You do not hit the emotional trigger points of your customers.

This is not easy, we know that. That’s why in the Passion&Profit Report we show 5 steps through which you formulate what your customers want to hear.

Need or: Who are your buyers?

You need to know WHO the people who buy from you are. Or to buy. Look at the individual person and have a face for it.

Two tips on how to proceed:

Number 1: Develop a customer avatar

This means a detailed profile of the people who buy from you … or should buy. If you already have customers, so much the better.

Search these people for similarities and differences.

Number 2: Conduct interviews with some of these people

If you have no idea who your customers are – throw yourself headlong into research. And as dry as it may sound, it’s actually fun. More here: How do I get more customers? »

This will give you a picture of the people who need your offer. With it you create marketing and sales messages that speak directly to these customers.

Focus or: Do you want too many?

You can address several customer types and target groups. But it is helpful to concentrate on the most promising.

Depending on who your target customer is, some marketing measures work better than others. And the smaller your business is, the more customers you want to reach with as little effort as possible.

What reaches YOUR customers?

What you do determines your niche and the people in that niche. Why the questions you ask your target customers are so important.

Crucial in this phase of your independence is understanding WHERE your target customers are to be reached. You do not have a huge marketing budget.

Make your business known in the wrong places, nothing happens.

You can also see it that way: If you go to the North Sea with a bait for freshwater fish, nobody will pull your line for a long time.

Your website or: (How) will you be found?

The chance of winning customers with your website is high. Because today’s customers are web nerds … Every problem, every wish, every product that we see is googled. And with address of the provider sent directly to our mobile phone.

Actually a good thing, right?

Because those are customers ready to buy. But the chance is high that YOU won’t be found.

Each of our LMU Coaching participants received more customer inquiries after our optimization suggestions.

Sometimes by several hundred percent more.

Many had already invested in search engine optimization. But hardly anyone got more orders via the website afterwards.

Because if it is not clear what customers are looking for, you cannot optimize a website.

It’s like having a phone line – your website. But you miss to be registered in the telephone book.

Is it now clear why you need to know your customers?

How to start successful customer conversations

We see this mistake again and again: The focus of a conversation with a new customer is the own solution and the way to get there.

But that doesn’t work.

Not on your website – and not in direct customer contact. Because potential customers first want to know whether you understand them. Whether you really take their needs, fears and worries seriously.

And can help them to eliminate them.

On your website the 4 P formula for marketing will help you. When it comes to sales calls, a clean set-up is the key to success that we describe in this podcast.

And certainly the right marketing messages will make your customers see “I’m in the right place”.

What to do if you don’t like marketing?

If you’re like most solo entrepreneurs, you love what you do – but Marketing & Sales isn’t. You want to support your customers and help them.

But the problem is: customers can’t come if they don’t know you exist.

What can you do?

Read our three tips on the subject. Or take a look at our Facebook Live episode.

Goals or: Your compass to a “real” company

Do you want a spacious office and staff? What turnover do you have in mind? What should your working day look like?

Only very few self-employed people think about what their business should look like when it is finished. Yes, you have read correctly. That’s it. The answer to this question has a decisive influence on the direction you take.

Because your business goals determine the choice of your strategies.

Or they should at least …

Imagine you want to create a garden.

If you don’t know what it should look like, you get a mess.

Maybe at some point a garden gnome will stand in the middle of an Asian-inspired oasis …

That’s why you take an hour of undisturbed time. Take a block and a pen and write it down. This is the way for you as an entrepreneur to make the right decisions.