The lender presents an interesting loan solution for pensioners, let’s see in detail all the features of this loan, including the conditions and the installment calculation.

The loans for pensioners  are thought to offer money to those who have a retirement or old age: the financing terms also seem advantageous.

Obviously, the certainty of finding the best loan for your needs is obtained only by comparing the best loan quotes, which can be done safely even on the internet on secure sites.

Loans for retirees

Loans for retirees, the offer from e

The solution that the lender proposes for retirees is the Loans of the pension , a loan that is confirmed to be fast and quick and with which you can have a sum of money without a particular pre-established maximum limit as everything depends on the amount of the transferable installment .

By transferable installment we mean, at most, an amount equal to 1/5 of your net pension. This is practically the maximum monthly amount that can be paid from time to time to repay the requested loan.

The advantage of requesting a loans is to allow everyone to have a sum of money that allows you to finance the purchase of everything you need without particular problems or concerns.

Characteristics of the loans for the retirees

Characteristics of the loans for the retirees

  • Maximum age of the applicant: 80 years after payment of the last installment
  • The repayment duration ranges from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 120.
  • The timing of disbursement is reduced to a minimum, excellent news for all those who need to have a quick and fast loan .
  • There are no extra costs to be incurred , such as those related to early repayment costs or any ancillary fees.
  • The life insurance , required by law, is the responsibility.
  • Early repayment costs : zero
  • Accessory commissions : zero

The necessary documents that must be provided are the following:

  • valid identity document
  • fiscal Code
  • pension slip
  • residence permit or documents attesting residence for at least 5 years (in the case of loans for foreigners )
  • if another loan is renewed, the relative extinction count must also be provided